Troubleshooting and problem solving via the virtual office

In today’s high pressure world, problems and issues in financial and business affairs are all too common.

If you have read our FAQs on bankruptcy and insolvency, you will see how easy it is to get caught up in a dispute. Often this can happen inadvertently to an innocent party, for example a joint owner of a home being drawn in due to the other owner becoming bankrupt.

There are many types of problem that can arise: sometimes shareholders in companies have differences of opinion and disputes can arise. Where a resolution to these disputes is not reached, the situation can deteriorate and a solution is not easily reached. 

Not all problems arise out of insolvency, and this service is about financial and commercial problems generally.


What is the best way of resolving these disputes?


Adrian Leopard & Company has been specialising in disputes and problems of this nature for many years. Our approach is to bring reality to a situation at an early stage, otherwise matters can deteriorate and, more pertinently, costs can escalate. You do not always need solicitors and sometimes it is solicitors who recommend our services to clients.

Disputes need to be kept short and it is always better to seek a commercial and negotiated solution than a legal one. We combine our skills in commercial negotiation and mediation with our experience in business and financial issues to focus on your problem and find the shortest and most effective route to a satisfactory conclusion.

Solving problems does not have to be litigious or even adversarial. There are alternatives. However, if legal action is the last resort, we can help you to speed that up by having everything prepared in advance allowing your solicitors to get straight on with the job without having to go through a mass of preparation or duplication. This will also help to keep costs down.

Welcome to the Adrian Leopard & Company virtual office. We handle whatever we can by telephone, e-mail and computer. By reducing to a minimum or even eliminating physical meetings, we can keep efficiency at its maximum and costs down. Moreover, you can have the benefit of instructing a professional firm of your choice without having to worry about location.

Our telephone advice line enables clients to have the best of our advice and action as necessary at a greatly reduced price, thereby reducing the total cost of our services.


How do I start?

The process could not be simpler. Take an initial 10 minutes on our advice line at our starter discount. This should usually be sufficient to enable us to confirm whether we can help you or not. If we can, you simply tell us more. It will still cost you well under half of the normal rate for professional advice.

Ours is not a "cheap" service - the price is inexpensive but the service is professional and guaranteed to be of high quality and we can do this by keeping our overheads down.



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