Scam Defender Assistance

The world is full of crooks and gangsters trying to take your money and some of them are very good at it.

This is a true story which prompted us to include our unique scam defender assistance and when you read it, you will see why.


A retired gentleman well into his 80s told me that he had some shares in an American company which he wanted to sell but he could not find anyone to sell them for him and he really did not know how to set about it. Somehow, he eventually managed to find a company in <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">London who said they could this for him, but first he had to register as a client. To do this he needed to buy through them some shares in a company for £15000. This would clinch his registration.

They also promised that they would buy the shares back from him at the same price – this was merely a device to get the account opened. He did so and paid them the £15000. They then needed another £25000 for something else and, in all, he paid them £60000.

Then they disappeared.

The fraud squad say they cannot be traced and the old gentleman is now to all intents and purposes virtually bankrupt. Since writing this original post, the wife of our gentleman has died. What can we say?

There is a very sad sequel to this account. The gentleman went downhill rather fast and has also since passed away.

Don’t let this happen to you!

If you were asked to give your credit card number and pin over an unsolicited e-mail, would you?

Of course not!

So why hand over your money to someone who is unknown, untried and untested?

Is the following familiar to you? You call up your credit card company to discuss some matter. The person you want is not available but they promise he will call back. The phone rings later and a man says: "I am from XYZ credit card. For Data Protection Act purposes, I must ask you some security questions. What is your secret password?" And so it goes on until you have divulged all the necessary information to persuade a credit card company to discuss your business over the phone.

Do you know they are who they say they are? How do you know you are not just giving away your information to a fraudster? NEVER give away your private information, passwords, date of birth etc to someone unless you are absolutely sure you know who they are and trust them!

We at Adrian Leopard & Company cannot tell you what may or may not be a scam but we certainly can tell you how to take steps to protect yourself and as soon as the first warning bells start to ring, 


If you are approached with any sort of scheme or proposal which involves you parting with money, especially up front, and you have any doubts or reservations, run it past us first before parting with your cash. All you have to do is to register as a client and buy a block of time for our Telephone Advice Line and get some anti-scam advice. This could be your best scam defence!

If you have to give your credit card details by e mail, NEVER give the security code in the same e mail. Send a second one and include as little cross reference information as you possibly can. Better still, do not send it all but wait for them to telephone you and ask for it. And then only give it if you are happy they are who they say they are.

It may be the best thing you have bought!


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