Step 1: Who can the Insolvency Telephone Advice line help?

Regardless of the question, we have the expertise to handle any question regarding the bankruptcy process and the impact upon those caught up in it.

Your call to us will be the first step in finding out how to handle your problem and deciding what to do or where to go next.

Having worked in this business for over 40 years, Adrian Leopard has heard most questions you may have.

If you can identify with the list below, read more about the sort of questions he is asked to respond to by:


people not yet bankrupt, wondering what to do:


people who have gone bankrupt or spouses of bankrupts


creditors of bankrupts or insolvent companies


directors of limited companies which are insolvent


more general questions



Read some recent case studies about issues affecting bankrupts.

If you think you think you might need a Solvency Health Check go to Step 2

otherwise go to Step 3.


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