Step 2: Solvency health checks

Do you think you are solvent? Let’s hope you are right, but would it hurt to have yourself checked out? You go to a doctor for medical health checks so why not go to a financial doctor to check out the health of your finances?

Prevention is far better than cure

Why talk to us?

As insolvency practitioners we look for the little signs that others may miss, because we see these everyday in the affairs of others.

What does a health check involve?

We invite you to submit a selection of documents which you can submit through this site.

Normally if you are a business, we like to see the financial accounts for the past three years if available.

We also ask you to complete a business questionnaire, which you will find on this site after you have registered. In fact, you can send us any number and type of documents you like if you think it will help. You should also complete the non-business questionnaire if your business is not a limited company.

If you are an individual and not in business, just complete the non-business questionnaire and supply any supporting information.

The important thing to know is that we can only offer advice based on the information YOU provide to us, both on paper and verbally.

You then purchase one or more blocks of time on our Telephone Advice Line.

We then go through the documents you have provided with you on the telephone and raise any points we feel may indicate an elevated level of risk. Then it is your decision, either further discussing your situation with us or other action as you see fit. You can have conference calls and bring in your colleagues, friends, family or professional advisers.

The cost? You just buy blocks of time on the Telephone Advice Line

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