Questions we are often asked ...


...  by people who have gone bankrupt or spouses of bankrupts (especially people who have just gone bankrupt).



  •  Is our home at risk?
  •  We own our home jointly but I, the non-bankrupt party, paid for the construction of an extension out of my own money. Am I protected against losing this?
  •  We have had a letter from my spouse’s trustee in bankruptcy telling us he is going to take possession proceedings against us to get us out so he can sell our home. We have a disabled child and the house has been specially adapted for him/her. Is there anything we can do to prevent possession being granted?
  •  My spouse took out an additional mortgage on the house to prop up his/her business. I had to sign the mortgage as a joint owner although the money borrowed was nothing to do with me. How does this affect me?
  •  My trustee in bankruptcy is talking about an income payments agreement. What is this and do I have to go along with it?
  •  My trustee in bankruptcy says I must hand over my car but I really need this. What are my rights? What are his rights?
  •  My business is that of hiring out wedding cars. Can I continue to run this and keep my vintage white Roller which is my main hire car and which provides a very good return?
  •  Having gone bankrupt I presume the best thing to do is to keep my head below the parapet so he gets off my case so much the sooner. Is that right?
  •  Are there any restrictions on carrying on my business as an undischarged bankrupt?
  •  Since my husband went bankrupt I have been paying the mortgage. His trustee has now turned round and said that I must pay something he calls occupation rent to him. What is he talking about? Is there anything I can do to get out of paying this charge?
  •  I am the non-bankrupt spouse and my spouse’s trustee in bankruptcy says I can make an offer to buy my spouse’s share from him. However, he wants more money than I think I can afford. What are my rights? Are there any options?
  •  I went bankrupt a few years ago but it appears that my name is still on a blacklist as being bankrupt and this is causing me difficulties. What can I do?
  •  I was made bankrupt by HM Revenue & Customs for not dealing with my tax affairs and as a result they have claimed thousands of pounds which in reality I do not owe. Can anything be done about it?
  •  Although I have gone bankrupt my assets exceed my liabilities and I expect to be able to pay my bankruptcy off eventually and get an annulment.  Are there any unforeseen pitfalls?
  •  I am going to apply for annulment of my bankruptcy but I think that the trustee’s fees are wholly out of proportion to the value of my bankruptcy and the work done. What can I do about it?
  •  I only went bankrupt because I followed professional advice which turned out to be wrong. Do I have any rights?
  •  The Official Receiver is talking about applying to stop my bankruptcy discharge period running. What is this all about?
  •  My trustee in bankruptcy has behaved very unreasonably towards me and I am told that I can complain to his professional authorising body. Is this a good idea and can they put matters right?


If you are an existing bankrupt or the spouse of a bankrupt and you have any issues such as these, you should take advice now.


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