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The Insolvency Telephone Advice Line service

WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW can hurt you especially if you have just gone bankrupt! Remember - you don't know what you don't know.

Ensure that you are fully informed and protect yourself, your family and your business. Spend your money wisely on practical advice and solutions to your problems. We are down to earth - speak to us first.

Our Telephone Advice Line is easy to access. 

To see if it will help you, take advantage of our FREE e-mail enquiry service. Just go to our Contact Us page and send us an e-mail outlining your problem. We will reply as soon as we can to let you know if we can help you. If we cannot assist, we will try and advise you where to go for the best solution. Please note that we do not provide debt counselling services.

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Commercial Mediation Services

Are you involved in a legal dispute?

Or a disagreement likely to result in one?

Mediation might be your answer.

Read more about our Mediation Services particularly in insolvency cases.