Questions we are often asked...

...  by creditors of bankrupts or insolvent companies

  • My company is a creditor of XYZ to whom I sold goods under a retention of title clause. I am completely secured, aren’t I?
  • I sold goods under a retention of title clause and have not been paid. The liquidator of the company in question refuses to hand my goods back or pay me the sale proceeds. What can I do?
  • I would like to implement a retention of title condition when I sell my goods to protect myself against businesses going bust. Is this straightforward and easy?
  • My employer has recently gone into formal insolvency and I am owed wages, holiday and notice pay. What are my rights?
  • I am owed money by a company which has gone into members' voluntary liquidation, I thought that meant they were solvent but they are still not paying me. What are my rights?
  • I am a creditor of a company and the liquidator has drawn incredibly large fees which I do not think are justifiable. What are my rights?
  • I am a creditor of an individual who has gone bankrupt who is driving around in an expensive car with a cherished number plate. Can they really get away with this?

If you are a creditor of a bankrupt or a company which is insolvent and you have issues, you should take advice now.

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