Registration guidanceHow to access the Telephone Advice Line

The process for new private clients is as follows:

  1. Register on our website by clicking where indicated.

  2. As a part of registration you will be asked to accept our Telephone Advice Line terms and conditions. You can read these prior to starting the registration process.

  3. After registration, you may be asked to complete the money laundering checks form available to download in our client area, if you are going to require advice that requires us to know our client. You need to understand Money Laundering and why we have to meet certain requirements. If you have not done so, click here to find out more. This does not apply to the Introductory Offer for newly registered visitors.

  4. After submission of this form to us, buy a block of time via our Purchase Time page (only visible when you have registered with our site.

  5. Finally, we will require information from you. You will be advised what this is, and how to supply it prior to commencement of the service.



You need all the practical advice you can get when faced with bankruptcy proceedings.

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