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As you know there is no such thing as a "free lunch" and by the same token there is no such thing as free advice other than in rare circumstances.

If you are receiving free advice then you need to be aware of the motive of the party giving it. For example;

  • the Citizens Advice Bureau, whose advisors are being paid by charity or government sources to assist the public.
  • IVA "factories" or Debt Management Companies, whose main objective is to get your business, not necessarily the best for you.
  • Insolvency Practioners offering a free initial consultation, which is really designed to get you as a client.

The advice given is broad and the number of subjects covered by those giving it is enormous and accordingly the level of expertise may not be high; rather you can expect to receive general advice which will culminate in the need to see a specialist.

They should certainly be able to point you in the direction of the correct specialist for your specific problem (which may be themselves).


"Paid for" Specialist Advice

If you need specialist advice then you will need to speak to an expert in the field.

Many companies will offer what they style "free advice" but why?

Generally speaking it is because they hope to gain your business; may be they will hope to get you as a client or may be they are trying to sell you something.

IVA "Advisors" - not a good choice?

Beware companies which sell insolvency services, particularly IVAs.

We have seen many cases where advice from poor to terrible has been given, resulting in real distress and hardship a few years later.

This is because the "free advice" is geared to pointing you in the direction of their product.

In general there is a serious risk that free advice is incomplete or, worse, given without really understanding the nature and depth of your problem.

Imagine going back some time later and saying that something has gone wrong because of a particular circumstance and hearing the reply "oh well if you had told me that in the first place ...."

If you think you have been sold a bad or inappropriate IVA then perhaps we can help you resolve issues. You may even find you have a CLAIM for COMPENSATION in respect of bad advice you have received!

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Individual Professional Advice - only has your interests in mind

Why take "paid for" advice?

If you go to a specialist and he charges you for his services, immediately a different type of relationship is created;

  • one where the specialist owes only you a duty of care;
  • they should be the expert in your particular circumstances and
  • they should be insured for professional indemnity to compensate you if their advice is wrong.

Better still, they may well be controlled by a professional or other controlling body who will oversee their work and ensure quality advice and service are given.

Moreover, the professional who is charging for their services has no reason to place any bias or slant on his advice.

He can simply give you best advice which is what you as a client are entitled to expect and, more to the point, what you actually need.


Remember, you have only one chance to make the right choice!

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