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Insolvency Practitioners in the UK

Specialists in insolvency dispute resolution

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Please be sure to send a valid e mail address for us to reply to. We do not reply by telephone.

We advise clients involved in insolvency or other commercial disputes, to bring about an acceptable solution without the need for and consequent cost of court proceedings. If you are involved in any sort of dispute at all, read on and find out the various ways in which we can help you.

Traditional forms of dispute resolution tend to be adversarial from the word go and legal proceedings are frequently entered into at an early stage. There are alternatives to this expensive process.

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Commercial Mediation Services

Are you involved in a legal dispute?

Or a disagreement likely to result in one?

Mediation might be your answer.

Read more about our Mediation Services particularly in insolvency cases.

Services to Professionals

We can provide support to any firm without an insolvency department which needs support, especially in these days of heightened financial crises.

Read about how we help professional companies when their clients are insolvent.


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